Brunswick Secondary College was one of four schools to brave the freezing cold and rain to participate in Le Tour de Le Tan during DW2014. Today we hear from Kaitlyn Duggan and Paige Palmieri about the highlight of the experience.


On the 9th of August 2013, our bush-whacked class (currently completing our Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Award) was lucky enough to go on a Le Tour De Le Tan Fun Run.

Le Tour de Le Tan is a one-lap sponsored race (walk or run!) around the Tan Track. In brief, it’s about Award Participants celebrating DUKES WEEK, raising awareness for the program in a fun and active way and fundraising for FLARE – a program which subsidises the cost of the Awards for young people who would otherwise not be able to afford to participate due to social and economic disadvantage.

Although it was a very windy cold day, we still managed to have a go at the fun run, and we all had heaps of fun. As a reward, we got free yummy food and we got a bag full of different things. We all thought of it as a day out of school, participating in physical activity with our friends. There were people taking lots of photos, throughout the race and especially when crossing the finish line. One of the best things about the fun run was the fact that it wasn’t a competition, and you could just have fun. We also managed to raise over $200 for the FLARE program!

DW2013 Le Tour de Le Tan
DW2013 Le Tour de Le Tan

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