Search “Teen Ted Talks” on Youtube and chances are your screen will fill up with numerous talks given by someone around your age on a variety of topics from life-saving inventions to creative ways to solve common problems.

All the videos prove one very important point, that your age does not determine your success. It is safe to assume that none of these teens were seeking fame but fame found them because they had an idea and worked hard to better their life and those around them.

We are not defined by our age and we should not let others define us by our age either. Watch any one of these videos to see teens who defined for themselves who they were and what they were going to accomplish. Check out Stacey Ferreira’s talk in which she rejects the older generations’ notion that Millennials are screwed. Listen to 19-year-old Justin Mafazan who believes all young people can, and should, become entrepreneurs as it would help in various aspects of their life.

Former Sydneysider Ben Pasternack also made it big when he was just 16. After creating mobile games Impossible Rush and Impossible Dial, he has gone on to found Flogg, a Generation Z marketplace app and is now based in New York.

Here at Duke of Ed Victoria, we have seen this determination, resilience and more from our young Participants and we can’t wait to see the next inspiring teen. Who knows, it just might be you!

It’s easy to get started on your Award! Get in touch with our team at or call us on 84129333 to start the journey today.

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