15 year old Hannah Gray (Bronze Participant from Viewbank College) gives back to the Kindergarten and gave her a start and discovers that big rewards come in small packages. 


Over the past term I have been volunteering at the Rosanna Uniting Church Kindergarten. I have created a close bond with each of the small children that attend the Kindergarten. I have gotten to know each child personally, they all remember my name and I too know all of their names. Each week they greet me with an excited “Hello” and they go and sit down eagerly on the mat.

Each week, we start with stories, like The Very Hungry Caterpillar and songs like, Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? on the mat. As I sit down, the children all try and sit down next to me, so I know that they enjoy my company and they love me helping out at the Kindergarten. When we finish songs and stories, all the kids go off and participate in different activities such as painting or playing in the kitchen corner. I go around and help each child out with painting, playing with play-dough and more activities. Each child loves my company and they all tug my arms eagerly as they show me their creations.

The staff who work there are really helpful, they greet me with a friendly ‘Hello’ and give me work to complete before the kids arrive. They make me feel as if I am one of the staff; they treat me as their own and do not think that just because I am younger, I am not capable of working well with smaller children. I do the same work as they do and that shows that they know I am responsible and mature.

Helping out has put a warm feeling inside my heart. It puts a smile on my face to see that each kid can be so entertained with so little to play with; it shows that children don’t need iPods and gaming devices to keep them quiet and happy. All they need are some puzzles, play dough or a pen and paper and they will be happy for an extremely long time.

I have loved going to this Kindergarten. I loved going there as a child myself and it’s great to see that each child loves going there every week.  I’m thoroughly looking forward to how the next term of volunteering can challenge me to become an even more supportive volunteer.

Thanks a Million, Hannah!

NVW Feature Volunteers: Hannah Gray

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