Seventeen year old Charlie Morwood is a Scotch College Gold Participant who’s as at home on the sea as he is on land. Charlie has been bitten by the sailing bug and has worked his way up to sailing a 40ft boat.


I am in year 11 at Scotch College and through the school I do cadets. I am in Mountaineering, meaning every Thursday afternoon I get to go down to the front of the school and teach kids in Year 9 how to abseil. In September, I go on our annual main camp where we are abseiling every day and doing all other kinds of stuff including rock climbing and other activities. I have done this camp two times before and it has been heaps of fun both times.

With The Duke of Ed program, I have already done my Bronze and Silver Award and I am now working on my Gold. Another activity I do that goes towards my Duke of Ed is sailing. At the very start of the year, I began sailing at my beach house in Geelong in lasers (a small type of yacht).  My uncle and grandfather encouraged me to give it a go and I absolutely loved it. I eventually taught myself how to sail on it which was great. I remember thinking each morning what the wind was like and if I would be able to sail.

When the holidays were over I talked to my uncle and Sandringham Yacht Club and he suggested that one day I go down with him there and see if I would be able to get onto a boat, and sure enough I did. A couple of weeks later, I found myself sailing on 24ft boats which was amazing. After a few more weeks I signed up for bigger boats and I was asked by many skippers to have a go with them and that is how I am now sailing on a 40ft boat – and loving it.

Sailing, Charlie Morwood
Sailing, Charlie Morwood

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