Right through DUKES WEEK 2013, we’re highlighting the awesome efforts of 5 Feature Participants.


Today we shine a light on Mirboo North Secondary College. A group of intrepid Bronze Participants took on the urban jungle in June 2013, and it was an Adventurous Journey with a difference.


When you hear the words, ‘Adventurous Journey’, what do you think of? Leg-deadening treks through inhospitable terrain, jungle heat, heavy packs on backs, grinding climbs up and down mountains and staring down the barrel of a seemingly never-ending bush-bash. But what happens when you live in regional Victoria and the bush is already on your doorstep? Mirboo North Secondary College took on the urban jungle in June 2013, and it was an Adventurous Journey with a difference.

After a two and a half hour train ride from Morwell, the group of Bronze Duke of Ed Participants kicked off their Adventurous Journey to Melbourne by arriving at Southern Cross Station. They navigated their way to their accommodation and set their exploration into high gear.

DW2013 Feature Participants: Mirboo North SC

“Our Adventurous Journey involved lots of challenging and enjoyable activities over four days. We started out by navigating the city in an Amazing Race through Melbourne CBD, as well as researching an urban project at The Big Issue,” says Riona Beyer, Bronze Participant.

“Rock climbing, swimming, bowling, laser tag, ice skating, boat cruise, shopping, circus, BounceInc – we did it all, and then some,” says Riona.

“Bounce was our favourite experience. It was a place which had trampolines everywhere, and massive foam pits. We got to bounce everywhere and play a huge game of dodge ball.”

They went ten pin bowling, played laser tag and discovered the wonders of Melbourne City by night from the Eureka Skydeck.  They saw acrobats defy the laws of physics at Circus Oz, and challenged themselves to reach dizzy heights at the Hardrock Climbing Company. The trip was full of surprises, not least the things they learnt about themselves on the journey.

“The biggest challenges were navigating the city and arriving to places on time – realising that I could do it, that I could navigate around the city in small groups was a big standout moment for me as I didn’t think I would be able to do it,” says Riona. “I felt great being involved in the Adventurous Journey, being included and being part of something.”

“Participating in The Duke of Ed changed has changed me as a person – I have more confidence in completing challenges and pushing myself outside my comfort zone. I’ve also made more friends.

“If I could encourage others to get up, get out, and live the dream, I’d say: have a go! It’s fun and you might surprise yourself and discover skills you didn’t know you had.”

Thank you, Riona and Mirboo North Secondary College – for getting up, getting out and living the dream for DW2013!

DW2013 Feature Participants: Mirboo North SC

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