At Duke of Ed Victoria, we believe it is important to give back to your community and #GivingTuesday really emphasises the importance of saying thanks and giving back.

This Tuesday, 2nd of December is #GivingTuesday. The global celebration encourages people around the world to team up with their family, company or community to help give something more and spread generosity.

One of our Compass Award participants, Kathleen Harding has embraced the spirit of giving this year with some amazing charity work.

The Wesley College student enjoyed supporting her community with a wide range of volunteer activities, including work with Extended families, the Australian Girls’ Choir and The Leprosy Mission.

A highlight for the Kathleen was her volunteer work with extended families. On Saturday afternoons she would take Mikayla and Hayley for an enjoyable time.

“Volunteering with Extended Families is about the gift of friendship to a child with a disability and their family. We have definitely made a friendship. So we both have someone special in our lives.”

“It is very rewarding loving them, playing with them, teaching them things and being loved back. It gives me a lot of pleasure to be able to spend time with them.”

Helping in the merchandising room of The Leprosy Mission isn’t every 14-year-old’s ideal school holidays activity, but for Kathleen, it was a rewarding experience.

“There is always lots to do and sometimes the staff just don’t get time. It is easy to volunteer when it is doing something you really enjoy. I have gained more than I have given in all these volunteering activities.”

Kathleen enjoys being a role model and believes that everyone should put their hand up and help others less fortunate then themselves.

“Everyone has something to give – time, love, a smile or just helping out with a job that needs doing. Many hands can make light work.”

#GivingTuesday hopes to create a new generosity of giving around the world. There are many ways that people can become involved. By supporting a local charity or organisation, you can help create change and make someone’s day a little brighter, just as Kathleen has demonstrated.

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