Compass Awardee, Daniel Peet, gives us a glimpse into his adventures.

“It feels like you are flying and falling at the same time and when you set your feet on the ground you just want to do it again.”

I’ll start with hobbies. I chose movie making which at the time was an entirely new concept to me. I filmed the movie on a scout camp when I found a few friends shoving each other into puddles. I got on the computer and added all of the effects and titles and then I had a great movie. I showed my class the next day and they all loved it. It just felt so rewarding to watch the finished movie and that was probably the reason that I have since made three more and plan to continue.

Exploration was next; it was by far my favourite category. I had to book and plan a family trip to the Grampians. It was such a beautiful area. Nature was everywhere and it was mostly shrouded in a huge forest. The highlight was the Boronia Peak hike…It was so beautiful seeing the forest-filled valley surrounded by the Grampians Mountains it is times like these that I will remember forever.

The third category was physical activity. Rock climbing was my choice and a truly amazing thing. When you participate you feel a mixture of fear and adrenaline and you keep trying not to look down. My favourite part was repelling down at the end of a climb. It feels like you are flying and falling at the same time and when you set your feet on the ground you just want to do it again…

Volunteering is the final category and the newest to me. I did not have any volunteer experience at all and even less experience in the subject I chose – working with small children at a kindergarten. When I got there everything was ten times too small and all of the children seemed to have a carefree happiness about them they always seemed interested in what everyone had to say and seemed to find the fun in everything…

Compass is not only an Award – it is a program that provides new opportunities. It opens up new interests that you would never have thought of and you’ll have fun at the same time. I have finished level 1 and look forward to level 2 this year.

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