Did you know you can do creative writing as your Skill? Regular Contributor Alyssa Britnell explores the light and shade of creative writing this week. Taking stimulus from ANZAC Day, Alyssa crafted a poem: No Homecoming.

The lone woman stands next to the rusted old gate.

With a gleam of hope she waits and waits.


As the troop ship draws near,

the crowd begins to cheer.

But the undeniable fear

of losing loved ones so dear

is present in the crowd,

despite this the cheers are so loud.


As the troops come ashore,

physical wounds are evident from war.

But the mental traumas held within

are not visible as they take it on the chin.


Screams of excitement echo down the pier.

Mothers greet sons with a shed of tear.

Families and friends, whom have been feeling grief,

become reunited with loved ones with a sense of relief.


But the lone woman still stands alone,

waiting and waiting for her son to come home.

With no men left on the ship, her veins run cold,

as she becomes aware that her son will not grow old.

This is to be the mother’s blackest day,

for her son lays in fields far far away.


Each year she goes to her son’s cross,

to place a poppy in recognition of her loss.

Some say she’s still grieving,

others say she’s honouring.

However one thing is for sure, war has had a significant affect

on Australia and the world, that we will never forget.


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