Jessica Powers  shares why she feels so lucky to have the opportunity to complete projects that make a change in her community.

Brentwood Secondary College’s Green Team has been contributing to the sustainability of its community for 4 years. Our job is to implement environmental and sustainability chances around the school and in the wider community. We are a passionate bunch made up of 55 students.

The Green Team and Ms Nicholas (Brentwood Sustainability Coordinator) have recently finished our amazing community harvest garden. Our aim was to increase the biodiversity of our school and also give students an opportunity to learn about food and health through the use of an outdoor learning venue.

Brentwood Green Team
Brentwood Green Team
Brentwood Green Team

We designed the garden using our sustainable ethos of being able to reduce our footprint, and have more sustainable practices. As part of this, we recycled the Urban Reforestations community garden that was about to be demolished in the Docklands. We relocated the planter boxers and 10 tonnes of soil from the city to Glen Waverley on a massive semi-trailer truck. Miss Nicholas then built the fence, bought the plants and organised the plumber to connect the tank.

We are so excited that the garden is finished. Students flock to it at recess and lunch to help out or just have a nice place to relax. I can’t wait for the opportunity to use the garden in Year 12 Environmental Science.

I love being part of the Brentwood Green Team. I am so lucky to have the opportunity to complete projects that make a change in my community.

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