Alexandra’s Duke of Edinburgh’s Award journey was both challenging and exhilarating. The 2014 Gold Award recipient achieved things she never dreamed possible, whilst pushing herself to continue these pursuits.

The 2012 Wesley College graduate showed a key interest and passion for skiing and as part of her Gold Award improved these skills visiting New Zealand. Staying in Queenstown and Wanaka for two weeks, Allie began to make close friendships with the complete strangers on her trip.

“The highlights of the trip were making friends with some amazing people with a similar mindset in travel and have now become some of my closest friends and we have gone on heaps of skiing trips since!”

“It was an amazing experience that I would have never gone on without The Duke of Ed Award. I don’t normally go on experiences with people who I don’t know.”

During her time at Wesley College, Allie became involved in a group called WESMOB. This group was involved in discussions about aboriginal reconciliation and closing the gap.

Through weekly meetings and fundraisers amongst the school community, Allie was provided a great opportunity over four years to better her understanding of different cultures. In year 10, she lived at Fitzroy Crossing for a month as part of the group.

“We lived there trying to understand their way of life and connection to the land. It was confronting at times but it was a fascinating experience that I loved.”

Alexandra also began knitting blankets for third world countries as part of her Gold Award.

“I decided to do this in addition to my other community involvement with WESMOB and I felt making someone warm with a blanket had a direct impact on someone’s life.”

The experiences and a greater appreciation for her community has helped Alexandra achieve her highest potential. Now a nursing and midwifery student at La Trobe University, she spends all her free time skiing and has even planned a solo trip to Everest Base Camp. Allie is thankful for the experiences she has received through her Duke of Ed Award, believing it has befitted her with finding work and maintaining interests and passions.

“Don’t be afraid to do it if you don’t know anyone else doing the Award – I have met so many friends out of this that I would never have met if it wasn’t for The Duke Of Ed program. It is all about taking the plunge and putting yourself out there!”

“I really can’t thank The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award enough for the experiences it has pushed me to achieve in areas that I would never have put myself into normally. Next year I am going to apply for exchange to Sweden and have been told that I am more likely to get a position because of The Duke of Ed.”

We are so proud of the outstanding triumphs our Gold Awardees achieve. Their hard work and dedication are essential skills for a successful future.

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