Port Phillip Specialist School has participated in The Compass and Bridge Award for the last two years and they run an excellent program. The students who participate have either a mild or moderate intellectual disability and some students have a secondary disability (such as a physical disability, visual/hearing impairment, or autism).

As part of their Adventurous Journey this year, students have either participated in a Bike Camp where they rode 100km around Alpine Victoria over 5 days, or participated in a 2 night camp at Blackwood where they stayed in tents and were involved in a range of physical challenges including low ropes, high ropes and bushwalking.

Camping is not for everyone so some students participated in challenging programs at school in a more secure environment where they participated in a yoga program.

The following excerpts are some of the students thoughts on the various Adventurous Journeys…

When we arrived, we set up the tent and unpacked the busses. At night we did the bush walk. On Thursday I did the High Ropes course, Bush Hut making, Frisbee Golf and Yabby Fishing. The best part was hanging out with friends and exploring the outdoors and having a laugh. (Tiffany).

I did the High Ropes. It was difficult for me but I enjoyed the challenge. The worst part was GeoCaching. (Alice O)

I did the Low Ropes. At night we made damper. It was nice. (Jasmine)

Adventure Camp was probably the most fun I have had in the past few camps I have been on. I was around some really great friends, ones that actually don’t care what I do or say and they give me a lot of laughs. But anyway on the second day we did some fun activities but I did not want to do some of them but I had to.

We did High Ropes which is a course that goes up in the tree and that was quite fun as you are high up. There was Frisbee Golf that was confusing and hard and annoying and frustrating and fun at the same time. We also went for a night walk that was alright I guess.

The best part was the restaurant and I ate so much food. We also went yabby catching. Me and Tiffany caught the most as we are the best yabby catching boy/girl ever. But the worst part was waking up early. I like my sleep ins. On the last day before we went back to school we did Archery. That was painfully fun. I kept whacking my arm on the rubber. Tiffany and Bryanna were probably the greatest people I have been on camp with. (Nathaniel)

Josh, Evan, Hunter, Dylan, Zac and I went on Bike Camp in March. We stayed at a Caravan Park with other schools from all over Melbourne and nearby.

The camp went for 5 days and we rode our bikes for 100km along the farms on the bike track. We stayed in tents and some nights it was very cold. We had dinner at a nearby pub and I had lasagne. And for breakfast we had Weetbix and juice.

I had a really good time at camp with all my friends. Also thanks to Bec and Craig for coming to the camp and looking after us. I hope I get to go on another camp before I leave this school this year. Also thanks to Bron for arranging the camp for us guys to go on. (Chris)

I went on Adventure Camp with my friends. I did the High Ropes. It was scary for me. On Friday we washed the dishes and did Archery. It was fun. (Alice J)

We did Archery and the low ropes. I missed my mum and my dad and Ethan. (Amy)

On behalf of Duke of Ed Victoria, a big congrats to all the students and teachers at Port Phillip for your amazing efforts and achievements – we love hearing your stories and experiences through completing the Award. Well done to all!

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