Ellie Pearce of Newhaven College is our first feature volunteer for National Volunteer Week 2012. She tells us how one person can make a difference. 


As part of my Compass Award, Level 3 and 4, I raised money for the Bryn’s School Foundation by holding a second hand toy and book stall, selling icy poles, as well as holding a raffle at my school – Newhaven College. We also had a market stall selling scarves, recycled bags, purses, wallets, trinkets and jewellery from Cambodia, Thailand and Kenya.

I chose this foundation because I travelled to Cambodia and Laos last year and visited a school and met kids like me – but they were trying to raise enough money so they could go to school. I met a girl who was 16 years of age who needed $2.20 to go to school but her parents couldn’t afford it. Since then I’ve always wanted to help, because I love school and couldn’t imagine not being able to go.

Bryn’s school Foundation has the motto “Giving hope through education.” I think this is the way to change the world and make it a better place. 100% of all money raised goes to building schools in Africa and South East Asia. The Bryn’s School Foundation has built schools in Vietnam, Kenya, Cambodia, Sierra Leone and now starting to build a school in South Sudan.

I feel like I’m part of something that will make a difference to other kids like me. We are now raising money for a school to be built in South Sudan. 93% of girls in South Sudan can’t read or write and they get married off at 14 years old (I’m nearly 12! I can’t imagine this!). I’m hoping that by helping to build a school that I can change other girls lives that are just like me…except they don’t have a school as great at Newhaven College (not yet anyway!).

After my stall, which was held on the 11th May, I raised more than $1,400!! I was really pleased because I originally set a goal of $100!!

If you want to make a difference in this world – give it a go.

As the saying goes, “From little things big things grow.”

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