Did you know that participating in Oaktree’s (amazing) Student Ambassador program can count towards the Bronze or Silver Service component of the Award?

If you haven’t heard of Oaktree, they are Australia’s largest youth-led aid and development organisation. They place young people at the heart of their work and are committed to championing them as key change-makers in the global movement against poverty and injustice.

That’s where the Student Ambassador program comes in.

Made by young people, the SA program is all about training and empowering young Australians to lead, demand and create a more just world.

As a Student Ambassador, you’ll attend 4-8 intensive workshops where you’ll gain:
● New skills – Hone your leadership style, fundraise like a boss, convince politicians to change their mind, and finally master Microsoft Excel (the art of project management is nothing if not spreadsheet magic)!
● New friends – Join forces with other like-minded students to fight injustice together!
● New experiences – Push yourself beyond your comfort zone as you put your newfound knowledge to the test.

So if you’re looking to make an impact in the global movement against injustice, look no further.

Check out all the program details here.

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