Will you #BeBoldForChange?

This year’s International Women’s Day is focusing on accelerating gender parity which is when men and women will earn the same income for doing the same work and has launched its theme of #BeBoldForChange. This was a result of a prediction by the World Economic Forum that the gender gap will not fully close until 2186, which is a shocking 169 years away.

This year all across the world from New York to Norway and Melbourne to Milan, men, women and children are rallying around the #BeBoldForChange campaign to help accelerate positive change and achieve gender parity much sooner.

Achieving gender parity and making the world a more equitable place will benefit everyone and therefore we should all work towards this goal. Sometimes it can mean a big change but even small actions, done within your community can bring rewards. Jump onto www.internationalwomendsday.com for ideas and you can start even just among your friends and family or school to spread the word and help bring us closer to providing a fair go for all.

Gender inequality is simply not just a female issue, it’s a human issue which means there is an urgent need to educate both young women and men together. Here at Duke of Ed Victoria, we are passionate about challenging gender stereotypes and championing equality. You can read about some of our past workshops and forums here:

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