THE SHORLIST IS HERE! We are excited to announce the finalists selected for the Young Business Hustler Competition! The lucky eight, will present their business idea to a panel of expert entrepreneurs for the chance to win an incredible prize pool where they can turn their business dreams into reality!

This Thursday the 30th, the finalists will first receive a two hour mentoring session to help prepare them for their pitch later in the afternoon. The panel is eagerly awaiting the new business ideas and are excited to help foster entrepreneurship and provide guidance to our young Hustlers!

Two hopeful entrepreneurs will receive a prize valued at over $13,000, including a 12 month membership of the BIGthink! Baby Booster and enrolment into The Duke of Ed Award program. Both of these programs will help our Hustlers develop their business and organisational skills, and most importantly helping them be the best business owners they can be!

We want to take this opportunity to introduce our #YBHustler2015 competition finalists!

Business Name: SafeDrive

D.O.B: 25 Years Old

Industry: Technology/ Public Safety

SafeDrive is an app based business promoting the importance of road safety in young people. Through a point system, people who practice safe driving habits will be rewarded with exciting prizes! Great stuff Richard, such an good message to be promoting!

Check out the idea here:

Business Name: SNAQ (temporary)

D.O.B:17 years old

Industry: Technology/Education

There’s not a lot we can tell you about this business idea, but it’s sure to be a success. Barbara is currently completing her Gold Award. The skills she has learned along her Gold journey helped her become a Hustler! If you like photos, social media and being up with technology, you should keep an eye out for this one!

Business Name: Hail

D.O.B: 25 Years Old

Industry: Retail- Clothing

Natalie’s passion for social change and awareness encouraged her to begin HAIL, a sustainable underwear business which utilises natural materials. The focus is on comfort, for the everyday wear, somewhere between actives and intimates. Natalie’s idea focuses on empowering young women to be fierce and resilient, whilst loving themselves as they are.

Check out her idea below:

Business Name:Cross Roads Stationary

D.O.B: 23 Years Old

Industry: Stationery/ Social Enterprise

Lauren learnt important life skills and self- leadership from completing her Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in 2012. Helping those less fortunate became her passion and created her vision for producing a stationery product that is completely bio degradable, free of harmful chemicals and made from recycled and organic materials.

Shaun has a great idea of introducing health supplements into ordinary coffee pods. He believes that he’s ideas a winner, combining the popularity of coffee and health foods.

Shaun is a teacher at St. Helena Secondary College, where the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is run. Because of his age, he is unfortunately unable to participate but is coming along with some of his students to promote entrepreneurship at his school and teach them a little about business.

You can check out his idea here:

Business Name: Active Change

D.O.B: 23 Years Old

Industry: Retail- Activewear/ Social Enterprise

James wishes to improve the lives of sick children all around the world through fashion. His business idea, ‘Active Change’ will create safe, ethical sports apparel, with the profits donated to health initiatives in the developing world. Good Luck James!

Business Name: Yalang A Lang Jewels

D.O.B: 19 Years Old

Industry: Retail- Jewellery

Chelsea completed her Duke of Ed Award in 2011 and is excited and ready to take her business to the next level. After making jewellery for many years, she wants to expand and help those less fortunate, whilst doing something she loves. With the help of friends in Cambodia, she hopes her natural, recycled material necklaces will can go global!

Check out her video here!


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Posted by Chelsea Macague on Sunday, 14 June 2015

Business Name: Eastern Sirens Synchronized Swimming Club

Industry: Sporting

Prateeti learnt important life skills and self- leadership from completing her Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in 2011. Competing as a synchronised swimmer from the age of 10, she has witnessed firsthand the lack of clubs, competition and support for this unappreciated sport. The #YBHustler2015 competition has given her the opportunity to create her own club!

We are so excited to see everyone pitch on Thursday and look forward to finding out who will become the 2015 Young Business Hustler!

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