To coincide with International Women’s Day in March, Duke of Ed Victoria are partnering with Enterprising Partnerships to bring you ‘The young Women’s Series’ to empower the next generation of young women to succeed.

Gender equality is fundamental to human development and creating a sustainable economy. Providing equal opportunities for both women and men supports economic growth, helps reduce poverty and creates a more sustainable future. Yet despite of this, gender inequality exists in every single country of the world, and, it’s generally women that face the greatest economic and social disadvantages.

Did you know…?

  • 2/3 of illiterate adults worldwide are women.
  • For every $1 earned by a man, women only earn 83 cents in Australia.
  • Women represent 45.9% of the workforce but only 3.5% of CEOs in ASX 200 are women.
  • Out of the world’s 130 million out-of-school youth, 70 percent are girls.

The need to educate and equip young women is non-negotiable.

Investments in women’s education, health, protection from violence, and economic opportunity empowers them to realise and demand action for their basic human rights. The benefits of investing in women are widespread; not only bringing value to their families, organisations and communities, but for all future generations to come.

  • When women are educated it reduces fertility rates, decreases maternal mortality, and there is an improvement in their children’s health.
  • When both women and men participate in decision-making, it leads to more responsive policies and an improved distribution of services. Research by professors at the University of Maryland and Columbia University Business School indicate that women bring a distinct leadership style that works well when communication and teamwork are required.
  • When both women and men are provided with economic opportunities it creates more security for their families. Research suggests when women earn income, they reinvest 90 percent of it into their families leading to economic growth.

Anoushka Gungadin is a leadership coach working with women business leaders, a speaker, and a best-selling author in the Nurtured Woman series. Through her wide range of experiences she feels women leaders globally are undervalued, underpaid and not where they want to be in life. Through her role as CEO for The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award in Victoria, Anoushka’s focus is now on empowering the next generation of young people, including young women.

Anoushka strongly believes that through participation in the Award, young women explore their potential and develop skills which boost their self-esteem, enabling them to make positive life choices.

Duke of Ed Gold Awardee Jasmine Mikschi agrees.

“Duke of Ed empowered me to follow my passions and grow as a leader. Through my journey I became more confident in myself and developed a strong desire to have an impact in our world. All young women like myself have the power to influence when given the right tools.”

The impact of investing in women’s education will ultimately lead to a more productive and representative society, as women will be empowered to increase their economic contribution, heighten their political voice, participate in greater decision making and help shape the futures of generations to come.

The “Educate and Equip our Young Women” Forum will feature a panel of thought leaders to share their views and generate discussion about how we can empower and invest in women to succeed. Join us in shaping the future for women and taking a stand against gender inequality!

Limited Space – Register now via Eventbrite by 12th March.

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