We are very pleased to announce that Benson Saulo will be joining us at The Gold Award Gala as our VIP Gold Award Presenter of Certificates.

Benson is an inspiring role model who has done extensive work with the National Indigenous Youth Leadership Academy to develop the next generation of young Indigenous leaders from communities across Australia.

He was the first Indigenous Australian to be appointed as the Australian Youth Representative to the United Nations and he has led negotiations for Australia on the Rights of the Child Resolution and the Youth Resolution which had a focus on the financial and economic crisis impact on young people.

Read on as we interview Benson and find out what advice he has for this years Gold Awardees…

Hi Benson! We are thrilled to have you presenting our Gold Awardees with their certificates. What are you most excited about in attending the Gold Award Gala?

As I am getting to the end of being a ‘young person’, I am very excited for the Gold Award Gala because it is an opportunity to meet and spend time with young people that aspire to do something special in the lives of others. Being around like-minded and passionate people always leads to something incredible and it inspires me to work harder and set my goals higher. The Gala is a wonderful event to recognise young people doing wonderful things but it is also the acknowledgement of wonderful things still to come for these young people, our nation and our world.

Being a young person yourself, why is it important to take up as many opportunities as possible?

I subscribe to the idea of being in the right place at the right time, but I contradict myself because I also believe that no matter where you are it is always right for you at that time. I consolidate these two ideas by viewing each moment as an opportunity to have an impact, to learn or to sit with my thoughts and reflect.

“As a young person, it is important to view the world and your personal journey as an opportunity to learn, share and leave a positive mark on somebody. To do this, you need to be open minded, open hearted and trust your feet to take you to new places.” – Benson Saulo

What advice do you have for this year’s Gold Awardees who have completed their Duke of Ed Award?

The Duke of Edinburgh provides an amazing opportunity to explore and achieve your potential – I believe that maintaining a curious mind, asking lots of questions and looking at the world through different perspectives is the key to having a positive impact on your community, nation and the world. Life is about exploring and learning, and through the DoE you are on an amazing journey to do this.

We stand at a critical time in our world’s history, issues like climate change, food security and conflict will unfortunately become issues for the next generation. It will be a generation of young, passionate, determined and brave men and women to lead change in all these areas and more to ensure a peaceful, just and healthy world. My advice is understanding what you are passionate about, surrounding yourself with passionate like-minded people and setting your sights high because it could be your idea that changes the world and positively impacts the lives of strangers, neighbours and friends.

There’s no doubt that Benson is an inspiring role model for young people and we are delighted to have him joining us at the Gold Award Gala!

For more information on the Gold Award Gala click here.

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