The Duke of Ed has been an integral part of Megan’s experience at school. Over her time completing the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards, she has explored a range of activities which has inspired her future career path and motivated her to take on further study with The Award helping her gain access into University. Here she shares her story:


The Adventurous Journey camps and the Residential Project tested me in many ways, but also changed me in others. Hiking for days with heavy packs and little times for rest clashed with my constant desire for solitude. Yet, by the time each camp came around, I was buzzing with excitement packing well in advance and reveling in every minute of the experience.

Similarly, my time at the Portsea Camp in January 2015 was seemingly one whole universe away from my comfort zone, seven demanding days surrounded by a number of people of whom I had never met. But the camp had so much to offer for each of the campers and the volunteers. The community and the spirit that existed the entire time was mesmerising. The kids were so excited from the word go and had endless energy and willingness to participate, making the most of their time in such an amazing setting. I was baffled by the fact that in addition to the four activity sessions run each day, some recreational leaders would get up an hour early to run an additional session for those kids who just couldn’t wait those few hours to get involved! Not a day passed without something worth remembering from camp games to incredible shared meals.

The time not spent with campers proved to be just as rewarding, as it was time spent around like minded volunteers with such colourful and unique personalities. Every volunteer was so engaged in every part of the experience and so willing to be at the camp. Each night we enjoyed games such as human bowling and bingo!

I am so glad that Duke of Ed brought me to such an incredible place and community, one that I am proud to be a part of and one that I will re-join in the future! From my services, my abilities to communicate and think laterally improved in leaps and bounds which ultimately lead me to further endeavors as a school leader, participating in a 10 day indigenous immersion experience and gaining part time employment.

All these experiences have been pieces in the puzzle that have given me an aspiration for study, my career and my future. Many teachers and past gold awardees from my school suggested that I apply to as many early entry programs as possible, as my co-curricular involvement would be exactly what universities would look for.

It took me a long time to decide on a particular university and course, as I was not only looking for a reputed course, but also a great community to join as my secondary school heavily emphasised this and I believe it had a great impact on who I am today. I decided on a Bachelor of Applied Science/Master of Physiotherapy Practice at Latrobe University.

I previously completed work experience at the Epworth Freemasons maternity ward during year 10 and loved every moment! I have a keen interest in women’s health and always imagined I’d go on to study medicine or midwifery. Since meeting with a women’s health physiotherapist at the hospital during my time there, this career path had been tucked into the back of my mind.

The Duke of Ed experience has been one that I wouldn’t have missed for the world and one that will stay with me forever. It has challenged me, shaped me and brought me into contact with amazing people. Of all the wonderful opportunities I’ve had during my adolescence, Duke of Ed is the one that will resonate with me for the remainder of my life, having given me life skills and lead me to further and grander endeavors.

On behalf of the team at Duke of Ed Victoria, we would like to congratulate Megan on her fantastic achievements. Megan will be receiving her Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award at the Gold Award Gala in December this year. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to purchase a ticket to support more young people discovering their passions. More info here.

If you are unable to attend the night but would like to make a donation to help us reach, equip and mentor more young Victorians from diverse, disadvantaged and remote backgrounds you can find more info here.

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