“Extremely inspiring and full of useful tools for me to take away and support me to initiate change within my organisation and projects with young people.”

Facilitated by the incredible Tracey Ezard, our second workshop in the Capacity Building series to explore the neuroscience behind effective youth engagement was a huge success!

Held at the quirky space of Fingerprint Me Academy, Tracey guided us through collaborative discussions and focused on the key pillars of learning intelligence: mindset, environment and dialogue, to develop the capacity of our workshop attendees.

Over the day we explored and discovered:
  • The neuroscience behind learning: and how we can apply this to the classroom (or any organisation!) to help us create thriving environments for ourselves and young people.
  • Belief and connections: we looked deep into what beliefs drive the culture in our own classrooms, schools or organisations.
  • Voice and decision making: and how we can effectively develop quality questions to bring a group together and ensure everyone has strong ownership.
Here’s some great feedback from those who attended:
  • “Illuminating. Interesting. Relevant.”
  • “Mindful, positive, engaging and full of new learnings.”
  • “One of the most inspiring and engaging PDs I have been to in 20 years!”
  • (A highlight was) “being part of the positive energy focused towards empowering the youth of today.”
  • “Tracey was an outstanding facilitator.”
  • “Refreshing in its simplicity.”
  • “Just what I needed to remind me of the great work we do (with young people) and to continue to work around not being afraid of change.”
Run in conjunction with the Victorian Government’s Advance program, we are also delivering two more workshops in the Capacity Building series. Click on the following links to register your free attendance:

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