Despite what Health Professionals and Researchers tell us, only a small number of people actually engage in regular physical activity. With an abundance of evidence proving its benefits, too many of us are ignoring the facts and getting much too comfortable with a sedentary lifestyle. Some will make New Year’s resolutions, sign up for gym memberships and even download fitness apps all with the best intentions but studies suggest you are likely to give it up within the first 6 months.

The danger here is that inactivity can increase the risk of depression. Many depressive disorders are recurrent with long-term effects but can also increase the likelihood of inactivity. While medications and treatments are very successful, regular physical exercise can break this cycle.

According to The Better health Channel, a research study aimed to investigate the role physical activity plays in the treatment of depression in older people. Comparing exercise with drug therapy the results showed participants taking antidepressants improved the fastest. However, it cannot be denied that regular exercise can make a real impact when 60.4 percent were no longer classified as clinically depressed after treatment only involved an exercise program.

Including physical activity into a comprehensive approach to treating mental illness benefits all populations. Youth and adolescents in particular are common sufferers as one in 16 young people aged 16-24 experience and live with depression each year according to Beyond Blue.

Vic Health suggests that children and young people who are physically active are more likely to be active adults. By educating them now, the benefits will be lifelong such as;

  • A healthier state of mind and distraction form negative thoughts
  • Improved sleep
  • Better mood
  • Lower levels of stress
  • Socialisation

This is something we are fully aware of at Duke of Ed Victoria. We believe that the Award provides a sound framework for health education and promotes healthy lifestyles. It can improve both physical and mental health, by building physical fitness and developing personal attributes such as self-esteem and confidence.

As part of an ongoing commitment, participants completing their Award are engaging in physical exercise for at least one hour per week. Whether its yoga classes, basketball or tennis they are involved in social situations and introduced to new people with common interests.


How are we getting active this April?

The Premier’s Active April begins this month encouraging all Victorians to do 30 minutes of physical exercise a day. There’s lots of benefits and here’s how you can get involved! As part of our involvement in Active April, we are running (yes, literally running!) a fun run event for Award students and staff!

As one of our most anticipated events, Le Tour De Le Tan is a one-lap sponsored race around Melbourne’s iconic 3.8km Tan Track and will be taking place on Thursday April 30th. We have a number of schools on board and it’s going to be a fun morning! Read about the success of last year’s Le Tour de Le Tan here.

We are also encouraging schools and organisations to run their own Le Tour de Le Tan sponsored event! This can take place within your own setting and anytime throughout April. Express your interest by emailing Communications Coordinator, Lucy:

Events like these provide the perfect opportunity to increase motivation and raise awareness about how to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle. Physical health is a priority that needs to be addressed especially when it can have a huge impact on our mental well-being.

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