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Following an epic Roadshow, and after sifting through video entries that made us laugh out loud and blog posts that made us wish we were teenagers again, we are excited to announce the 4 Roving Reporters!

The 4 Roving Reporters for 2014 are…

Dukes Roving Reporter Top 4: Ellie Drenth
Dukes Roving Reporter Top 4: Elena Mitchell
Dukes Roving Reporter Top 4: Callum Nguyen
Dukes Roving Reporter Top 4: Jess Gair

Thanks for showing us your personality and drive from the other side of the camera. You’ll be reporting on your Dukes journey all year, with some awesome challenges thrown in the mix. We can’t wait to see your adventures unfold and crown one of you the overall winner of Dukes Roving Reporter 2013 & Young Ambassador 2014.

To the amazing young people who picked up their pens, phones, cameras and videos and created entries for the competition – wow. The ideas, creativity, passion and ingenuity of your entries were phenomenal across the board and it was so hard to choose the winners. Follow the competition for all the updates, and make sure you try your hand again next year…in 2014, it could be you!

It has been a great journey to get here. The Roadshow visited 10 schools with 14 Roadshow presentations by Ambassador Nathan, one additional Roadshow presentation by the Awards Victoria team, four Year 9 presentations, six all Dukes presentations, and four whole school assemblies, adding up to approximately 5,400 kids!  Read more in The Roadshow Wrap.

We want to extend a massive thank you to everyone that helped make this possible: the Dukes Coordinators, the schools, the kids and the teaching body. The competition was grasped with both hands by all and created a real buzz in the corridors.

We look forward to the media training day for the four Roving Reporters on Saturday 13th April at The Summit Camp in Trafalgar. The training with Nathan Strempel and the team will be followed by the opportunity for the winners to try out their new skills, encouraging them to test out their inner daredevil at the amazing adventure park for their first video post!

After the training, the 4 Roving Reporters commence their year of reporting on Monday 22 April.


Stay tuned. This is only the beginning for Dukes Roving Reporter – License to Adventure!

Roving Reporter

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