We’re opening the doors to give our Award Participants, Coordinators, Assessors, volunteers, parents, brothers and sisters the opportunity to come and ask about all things Award-related and meet the team.

On Thursday 28th November from 3-6pm, we’re hosting an Open House and invite you to come meet with the team and to ask those Award based questions you need answers to.

We’re opening the doors to all current Participants, parents and Coordinators and any potential individuals wanting to get involved in the Award Programs but not sure how.

Please join us from 3pm – 6pm on Thursday 28th November at Awards Victoria: 73-77 Wellington Street, Collingwood, 3066.

For further information, download the Awards Victoria Open House flyer, or please contact us via email on info@awardsvic.org.au or by calling 8412 9333.

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