Dukes Week is the annual celebration of The Duke of Ed, Compass, Bridge and Challenge Awards across Victoria. It’s about recognising the massive efforts Participants, Coordinators and volunteers put in every day to achieve the Awards.

Schools across Victoria showcased their achievements and celebrated from 5-12 August 2013 by running events and activities around the theme: ‘GET UP, GET OUT, LIVE THE DREAM’. To say thank you, we’ve created the ‘Live the dream’ video project.

From sausage sizzles to fun runs, tent competitions to Great Outdoors Photo Competitions, Skills Showcases to Live the Dream Pencil Drives for the Solomon Islands – DW2013 was chock-a-block.

DW2013 'Live the dream' video project


To everyone who got involved: thank you for getting up, getting out and living the dream for DW2013!

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