Our Roving Reporters get out of their comfort zone and into the action!


When you’re 30 metres above the ground, tethered to a tree and about to freefall through the air over a lake on a giant swing, nothing much else matters. All you’ve got is your racing heart, pumping adrenalin, the exhilaration of the fall and a set of lungs to yell the fear away.

One by one our Roving Reporters took it on, left their fears in that tall tree and flew free. It was a fitting end to a fantastic day full of adventure and challenge at the Dukes Roving Reporter Training Camp at The Summit in Trafalgar on Saturday 13th April.

We were up at the crack of dawn to greet the 4 Roving Reporters. Jess, Callum, Ellie and Elena brought a friend each to join them for the day along with their parents who helped them make the journey to Trafalgar, about one and a half hours outside of Melbourne.

It was a jam-packed day kicked off with goody-bags with the all-important prizes for our Top 4: iPad Minis and a $500 cash card for their year of reporting. We got straight down to business! Roving Reporter Ambassador, Nathan Strempel, led the morning where the Roving Reporters learned about the ins and outs of what’s required this year, along with tips and tricks of the trade and filming spots with their trusty iPads.

They learned about lighting, video production, social media and blogging; shared embarrassing moments and their greatest achievements; workshopped their presenting styles and skills; and got stuck in to filming for their first official video post as Roving Reporters. With the busy morning of workshops done, it was time for the seriously fun part of the day: taking on The Summit’s park activities.

The Summit is an outdoor adventure camp which provides inspiring and life changing experiences. Of the many activities dotted all over the park, the Roving Reporters tried their hands at four of them: the Flying Fox, Snake and Nails, and the Giant Swing. The pictures speak for themselves!

For each activity there was an element of fear and excitement and challenge. Whether handling a python, flying over the lake on a zip line, walking over a bed of nails or launching 30 metres into the air, the Roving Reporters and their friends were champions. They gamely took on every challenge of the day and came out the other side raring and ready to go for their year of reporting.

Big thanks go to Jess, Callum, Ellie and Elena and their friends and family who took part in the day. Thanks also to the amazing team at The Summit for hosting us on the day and giving our Roving Reporters experiences that will last a lifetime.

The Roving Reporters commence their journey on Monday 22 April – we can’t wait to see what happens next!

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