Want a career working with animals or you simply just love caring for them?

We have an opportunity for all our Award Participants to get involved at Pets Haven Animal Shelter, Woodend. Get the experience you need, whilst using it toward your sections for The Duke of Ed!

Pets Haven Animal Shelter is a facility that re-homes orphan cats, kittens, dogs and puppies who would otherwise have no future. Their aim is to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home orphaned and homeless animals and need your help!

As Pets Haven relies heavily on volunteer support, new volunteers are always welcome.

Here are some example goals to work towards:





Walking – Every dog in the shelter    needs walking every day, so          volunteer walkers are always    welcome! Physical Recreation




  • To improve physical fitness over a 3-month period
  • To walk twice a week for half an hour each time
  • To help develop social skills
  • Volunteering your time to walk dogs kept at the shelter


Cuddling cats, kittens and puppies –  Socialisation is very important,  especially in young animals and  varied and positive experiences  makes our animals well adjusted  and more adoptable! Skill



  • To help develop social skills in dogs and cats kept at shelter so they are able to be adopted out

  • Volunteering your time to play and socialise with animals kept at the shelter


Cleaning – The second an animal  poops, we need to scoop! We  particularly need help in the early  mornings with cleaning kennels and  cat cages. Service
  • Volunteering your time to play and socialise with animals kept at the shelter



If you are interested in volunteering please download Pets Haven Volunteer Application form, save it on your computer, fill it in and email it as an attachment to Helen, Vounteer Coordinator at volunteers@petshaven.com.au

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