What if you and a friend had the chance to experience the best volunteer opportunities in Australia, getting to help out, try some new stuff and contribute in a whole new way?

Young People Without Borders is building a community of volunteers, making a difference in Australia and beyond.

One Week Without Borders gives two young people the opportunity to do just that! You and a friend can win a trip around Australia experiencing awesome volunteering opportunities, while a film crew will capture your 7-day adventure – a perfect opportunity for all you Duke of Ed adventurers out there.

So. Fancy spending time on the Great Barrier Reef with Conservation Volunteers Australia? Interested in getting up close and personal with Melbourne’s hip social enterprise eateries? Want to help out the Red Cross in Sydney and pitch in with the Country Fire Authority? You could do all of this (and more!) in one awesome week, with your best mate by your side the whole time.

Simply create a 15-second Instagram video with your bestie explaining why you should win and post it with #OneWeekWithoutBorders.

One Week Without Borders is open to all Australian residents aged 13 to 22. Entries open Monday 13 January and close Sunday 2 February 2014.

For more info check out www.oneweekwithoutborders.com.

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