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Media Release for Wednesday 7th August 2013

Robotics Champion Celebrates Achievements during Dukes Week

Sixteen year old Lucy Thompson of Kilvington Grammar participated in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) in Honolulu earlier this year as part of completing her Duke of Edinburgh’s (DoE) Bronze Award.

The FRC is a real world engineering project allowing students to design, build, program and drive fully functional metal robots to play sport. Since being introduced to robotics at school, Lucy found herself a whole world away when competing at the US regional FRC with three other Melbourne teams in Honolulu in March 2013.

Lucy looks back on the experience as one she will never forget. “A massive highlight for me was the teamwork and being involved in the whole process of seeing our little idea on a piece of paper through to driving it around in a competition” says Lucy who successfully developed her robotics skills when completing her DoE Award.

Dukes Week is an opportunity for Award Participants like Lucy to showcase their accomplishments and the massive efforts undertaken to achieve their Award. Dukes Week is all about creativity, adventure and youth leadership.

Lucy strongly encourages other young people to get involved with Dukes Week and achieving an Award. “Don’t hesitate at all!  You will have so much fun along the way. I can’t say how amazing these experiences have been for me, and if you think they won’t happen to you -they will! Put the effort in and you will definitely be rewarded!”

For more information:
Fiona Campbell – Communications and Media Manager, Awards Victoria
P: (03)8412 9304
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