Adventurous Journey

To stimulate a spirit of adventure and discovery while undertaking a journey in a group.

The Adventurous Journey is all about getting out and going on an expedition or exploration in an unfamiliar and challenging environment. More than any other Section of The Duke of Ed, the Adventurous Journey is about teamwork with your journey team members as well as the Volunteers who instruct, supervise and assess the journey.

At the heart of the Adventurous Journey is the opportunity to engage in activities that require determination, physical effort, perseverance, problem-solving and cooperation.

It is hoped that all who undertake the Adventurous Journey are rewarded with a unique, challenging and memorable experience.

Adventurous Journey benefits

Being in a challenging environment, you will experience highs and lows throughout both the preparation and training as well as the actual journey itself. Dedication and perseverance are required, and some Participants will find the challenge is harder than they anticipated.

The rewards at completion, however, are hard to match – elation, a real sense of achievement, self-confidence, trust, and belief in yourself and others, as well as several new skills and a chance to get away from your usual environment.

Challenging, yes. Fun, even more so! Getting out there with your friends, exploring Australia or another country… what more could you want in an experience?

Adventurous Journey activity ideas

There are two types of Adventurous Journey: Expedition and Exploration. See Adventurous Journey FAQs for more on the difference between these.

If you are doing an expedition, you might go bushwalking, camping, cross-country skiing, or sailing (or any other idea you can think of that you think could be a great expedition activity).

If you are doing exploration, you might undertake language studies overseas, a historical trip, or some scientific exploration — again, it’s really only limited to your imagination.

Chat to your Award Leader or to us about your ideas and how we can make them happen!

Get inspired through Adventurous Journey stories!

Adventurous Journey requirements

Adventurous Journey FAQs

What are the types of Adventurous Journeys?
There are two types of Adventurous Journey:

  1. Expedition: a journey with a purpose. In an expedition, the primary focus in on the journeying. More time is devoted to this, with less time and effort spent on research and gathering information.
  2. Exploration: a purpose with a journey. In an exploration, the primary focus is to observe and collect information relevant to the purpose. More time and effort is spent on this, and consequently less time is devoted to getting from one place to another. The journeying aspect in an exploration does however remain significant, with a minimum of one third of the planned activity hours being spent on journeying.

What is the difference between a Practice Journey and a Qualifying Journey?
The purpose of a Practice Journey is to gain experience and skills to prepare you for your Qualifying Journey. The Qualifying Journey is your final Adventurous Journey, in which you apply all the skills and knowledge you’ve learnt to fully plan, prepare and undertake the challenge.

Practice Journeys cannot travel over the same route as the Qualifying Journey, but must be similar in:

  • Mode of travel
  • Focus and duration
  • Environment and accommodation

Can I combine my Practice and Qualifying Journey?
Yes, as long as there is an additional night in between. For example, A Bronze Adventurous Journey can run from Monday to Thursday where Tuesday night is the additional night in between.

  • “Before, I would only dream of what I could do; now I still dream, but I also go out and do it!”

    Sam Burdon, Gold Awardee
  • “The current environment is very challenging for young people, so it’s important they try to make themselves more attractive to employers. The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is highly valued by business because they know it helps to develop more rounded individuals.”

    HRH The Earl of Wessex, KG, GCVO, ADC Trustee
  • “I believe The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award and other programs operated by the not-for-profit Awards Victoria Ltd are vital as they focus on developing our most valuable resource, our young people, who ultimately create the future of our community.”

    Gary Rowe, CEO, Safety Action Pty Ltd and Ambassador of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award