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Why Support Us

Your business can help shape the future of young Victorians. For over 50 years, Duke of Ed Victoria has worked to empower young Victorians by delivering an international framework of programs to prepare them for life.

Key to this vision is expanding the reach of our programs; engaging more young people from migrant, juvenile justice, disengaged and indigenous young people; and overcoming barriers to participation, including cost and lack of social support. We work closely with business and corporations to achieve this vision.

In doing do, we use a collaborative approach to work closely with your business to ensure the maximum mutual benefit is gained from our relationship.

As a partner, sponsor or supporter, we can tailor opportunities that align with your company’s CSR and marketing objectives. We invite you to join us in shaping the future of young Victorians.

Benefits include:

  • Be involved with a program that is recognised worldwide for its positive impact on society
  • Demonstrate your commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and community
  • Be part of an innovative and sustainable solution for business, society and economy
  • The opportunity to have access to a network of high achievers and skilled young employees
  • Differentiation from competitors in the high end labour market
  • Increase awareness of your company and its activities through events and media opportunities
  • Enjoy positive brand recognition with the youth market and families
  • Improve staff morale and retention through community engagement
  • Gain direct access to extensive social media targeting a youth audience
  • Support change. Empower today’s young Victorians to become tomorrow’s leaders.

To enquire about partner, sponsor and supporter opportunities, please contact Duke of Ed Victoria CEO Anoushka Gungadin on 03 8412 9333 or via email anoushkag@dukeofedvic.org.au