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Our Impact

Established in 1963, our core values – courage, community, innovation and integrity – underpin our commitment to providing equitable access and opportunities for all regardless of ability, social or economic circumstance.

Our Awards:

  • Foster engaged, resilient young people
  • Increase self-esteem and confidence
  • Facilitate tangible connections with the community
  • Develop skills towards career aspirations

A recent survey of the 2014 Gold Awardees conducted by The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Victoria revealed the following:

  • 92% agreed that the Award has had a positive impact on their education.
  • 90% agreed that by completing The Duke of Ed it has increased their chances of employability.
  • 87% feel that the Award has given them the confidence to pursue their career goals.

We leave our young awardees feeling confident about their ability to follow their passion, future career opportunities and their ability to make a difference along the way.

The following impact measures have been developed through The International Award Foundation by examining existing research and evidence on the Award’s effectiveness as a youth development tool:

1. Improved educational attainment
Improving young people’s attendance at school, their commitment to education and their achievement levels.

2. Improved employability and sustainable livelihoods
Improving young people’s employment levels and ability to support themselves financially.

3. Social inclusion
Improving community integration, acceptance of individual differences, and increasing the access of all young people to development opportunities

4. Improved health and well-being
Increasing young people’s physical fitness, and their own sense of emotional and mental well-being

5. Increased participation in civic life
Increasing young people’s involvement in volunteering and community activities

6. The environment
Increasing young people’s awareness of environmental issues, and the involvement in sustainability initiatives

7. Gender equality and the empowerment of women
Bridging the gender gap and empowering marginalised young women, building their self-worth and enabling them to demonstrate their potential

For more information, download the Measuring the Impact of The Award Globally 2012

“The current environment is very challenging for young people, so it’s important they try to make themselves more attractive to employers. The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is highly valued by business because they know it helps to develop more rounded individuals.” – HRH The Earl of Wessex, KG, GCVO, ADC Trustee

“I believe The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and other programs operated by the not-for-profit Awards Victoria Ltd are vital as they focus on developing our most valuable resource, our young people, who ultimately create the future of our community.” -Gary Rowe, CEO, Safety Action Pty Ltd and Ambassador of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

“Before I would only dream of what I could do; now I still dream, but I also go out and do it!” – Sam Burdon, Gold Awardee

“A key to my business is getting the right people. The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is taken up by the type of people I want working for us.” – Mike O’Hagen, Founder and Owner of Mini Movers and Employer of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Awardees