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Benefits of Participating

Putting your hand up to get involved in the Awards is just the start of the big adventure that awaits! You will experience many rewards and benefits through completing your Duke of Ed such as:

  • The chance to get out of your comfort zone, increase your confidence and discover a real sense of adventure!
  • Looks great on a resume and improves your employability skills – who knows, it could help you land that first job!
  • Builds confidence, self-esteem, maturity, self-leadership and resilience
  • Develop important lifelong skills: organization, goal setting, time management, resourcefulness
  • Meet new people, engage with the community, the environment and maintain your fitness
  • Achieve the recognition for the amazing things that you’re already doing!
2013_ResidentialProject_Dukes_Gold_SouthAfrica (Cameron Clapp)
2013_AdventurousJourney_Dukes_Gillespies_DaniellePackham (11)
2011_AdventurousJourney_Dukes_Gold (Elizabeth Sloan) (1)

Have a read of what other people have to say about participating in the Awards…

The Duke of Edinburgh Award has helped me test my limits and discover new strengths.

-Elise Hart, The University of Melbourne

I realised that feeling uncomfortable can be good. Discomfort made me step out and discover.

-Sarah Julian, Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School

I find myself to be a more engaged member of my community.

-Thomas Wegner, Haileybury College

Before the Award I lacked self-confidence and self-esteem, the Duke of Ed has given me the opportunity to step outside my comfort zone through doing the Kokoda track as well as develop myself into a more resilient and confident person who has a strong sense of community spirit. It provided me the opportunity to challenge myself physically, mentally and emotionally as well as develop a better world view understanding.

-Amelia Mc Pherson, Camberwell Girls Grammar School

Completing the Gold Duke of Ed Award has allowed me to identify my strengths and weaknesses as well as become more independent and confident. It has allowed me to experience opportunities that I wouldn’t have experienced otherwise and I am extremely grateful for that.

-Madelyn Kelcey, Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School

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