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Award Sections

To achieve each Award – whether it’s The Duke of Ed, The Compass Award or The Bridge Award, young people create their own unique program of activities over a set length of time across four Sections: Service, Physical Recreation, Skill and Adventurous Journey. For the Gold level of The Duke of Ed, there’s a fifth Section: Residential Project.

The Sections provide the framework which opens the door to a virtually endless range of activities, challenges and adventures. By understanding what each Section involves, young people can choose activities that enhance their experience whilst ensuring they meet all the requirements to achieve their Award.

For each Section of the program, Participants will need to find appropriate Assessors to mentor them in each activity. The role of the Assessor is to monitor the Participant’s progress towards their goal and write a short report at the conclusion of their activity period.

An Assessor is someone who:

  • Is over the age of 18
  • Is more skilled, experienced or qualified in the activity than the Participant
  • Is not an immediate family member
  • Is able to help set a goal for the activity
  • Is able to oversee the Participant’s progress
  • Will write a report outlining the Participant’s achievement