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How To Get Involved

Duke of Ed Victoria offers schools, universities and organisations three unique programs:

The programs have the flexibility to take place in a variety of settings (including schools, universities, community groups, juvenile justice centres, disability centres, indigenous, CALD and disadvantaged communities), and the structure to provide long term benefits for young people and the community.

In order to run the programs, you must become a registered Award Unit. In doing so, you’ll join over 350 educational institutions and organisations running one or more programs across the state. Undertaking any of the programs is a positive challenge for you and your young people.

Duke of Ed Victoria is here to help so please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

There are a few simple steps to follow in order to become an Award Unit and set up a strong program:

1. Seek out knowledge
Find out about the Awards. We recommend that you contact us to discuss your needs, and how the programs can work within your setting and map to curriculum streams and learning outcomes (Advance, VCAL, VCE, VET and IB). You can also download useful Resources.

2. Register your School/Organisation
Register your school, university or organisation by submitting the online Award Unit Registration Form. On receipt of the form, you will be invoiced for payment of the Award Unit Registration Fee.

You will also need to nominate member of your team to take on the role of Award Leader.

3. Register your Award Unit to use the Online Record Book (Duke of Ed only)

If you are running The Duke of Ed you will have to register your school or organisation to use the International Online Record Book (IORB)

If you are only running Compass or Bridge then you do not need to register for IORB.

4. Involve your colleagues
Support from your colleagues helps create a strong program and embeds it within the culture of your school, university or organisation. We recommend that you circulate expressions of interest to identify colleagues willing to assist you. By creating a support network within your setting, you can improve the quality and strength of the Award experience for all involved.

5. Include parents
For Award Units working with young people under the age of 18, gaining parental support is essential to the program’s success – particularly as most of your Participants’ activities will be undertaken outside of class time.

6. Engage your Participants
Sparking the interest of young people is key to building a strong program. We recommend that you book an information session for students with our Program Management team and collect expressions of interest. You can then order Record Books, register your Participants and nominate Young Awards Leaders.

Award Units pay a yearly fee to run the Award programs. Participants also pay a fee for each level of the Award program they undertake. Whether Award Units absorb, subsidise or pass on the cost of Participant fees is dependent on each Award Unit and is a decision made independently of Duke of Ed Victoria.

If Award Units and Participants need help with fees, you can apply for the Awards Funding Assistance Program (AFAP) – a program which subsidises the cost of the Awards for young people and Award Units who would otherwise not be able to afford to participate due to social and economic disadvantage.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award provides a flexible Award framework enabling each organisation the ability to run an entirely individual Award program.

The types of programs and how you choose to run them will depend on the needs of your young people and the scope of your work. There are a number of options for running the programs and the Award is flexible to suit the needs of your organisation!

The Award Leader is the main contact for the Award Unit, and is responsible for running the program within their setting. The Award Leader’s role is to engage young people in the program, encourage, inspire and guide them.

Key responsibilities:

• Ordering and distributing Record Books

• Registering each Participant from their school, university or organisation

• Assisting in selection of Assessors

• Helping identify activities and goals

• Answering questions and liaising with Duke of Ed Victoria

• Providing information to colleagues, Participants and Assessors

• Adhering to risk management policies and legislation

• Reviewing Record Books before submitting them to Awards Victoria for assessment

Award Leaders can also nominate Youth Award Leaders to help drive the program, increase engagement and provide support to their peers.

In additional to support and training from the Duke of Ed Victoria team, there are a number of Resources that can help you run a strong program – including templates, activity ideas, service providers and case studies.

Register now: Award Unit Registration Form