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What Are The Benefits

Equip young people for life



Some of the benefits of running The Awards include:

  • Boost the personal development of young people through a time proven program with measurable results and international prestige.
  • Offers young people educational goals that are based on their own interests and abilities.
  • Provides the opportunity to experience success beyond the classroom.
  • Build the reputation of your organisation or school.
  • The chance to make connections to other youth organisations and/or schools participating in the programs.
  • Access to training, networking and special events to facilitate your learning and professional development.
  • Flexibility to run an entirely individual Award program specific to your needs.
  • Can be mapped to suit and compliment: ADVANCE, Elective Models, IB, VCAL, VCE, VELS and VET.

Read what others have to say about running the Award!

“Coordinating The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is one of the most rewarding aspects of my teaching. The program is designed around meaningful relationships. Award participants discover things about themselves and the world, and I share in their discovery.”
– Frank Bailey, The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Leader, Nagle College, 1981-2006

“Our students are becoming more engaged, working and planning together and with staff and thinking more broadly. It has complemented the curriculum we provide and extended it in a very purposeful manner.”

– Robyn Anyon, The Bridge Award Coordinator, Skene Street Special School – 2011

“We have several special needs students who find traditional school work very hard and frustrating. The Compass Award helped these students by allowing them to set goals at their own level and participate in more ‘hands on’ activities that they found enjoyable.”

Ally Brennan, The Compass Award Coordinator, Ss Michaels & Johns – 2011


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