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For Award Units

The holistic framework of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award touches on all spheres of life and creates opportunities for young people to experience success beyond the classroom.

About the Awards

Find out about the Awards, our mission, our principals and how it works!


Compass and Bridge Awards

We have two additional programs that are both modeled on The Duke of Ed but with more flexible requirements.


Award Sections

Find out what the Sections are, Assessors, Section benefits, requirements plus lots of great activity ideas too!


What are the Benefits

What are the benefits of running the Award?


Our Impact

Our core values, impact measures and testimonials.


How to Get Involved

Find out how to become a registered Award Unit, fees and funding assistance, models of delivery and the roles of an Award Leader.


Service Providers

Browse through this directory on various organisations that can provide Duke of Ed opportunities.



We run several Professional Development Training Days and other events that can equip your knowledge in both the Awards and various other topics.